About me

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I really love my work.

That's why I'm good at it. Every day I'm improving my skills, watching trends, learning and trying new things, because I want to give my customers great value.

I enjoy working very close with my customers.

It's very important to achieve exactly what you need for your business. I have a small team of people I work with: marketing, SEO and wordpress experts. We will create an outstanding website for you, I promise, it will be an amazing experience. :)

About me

Dusan Misjak

Wordpress expert | Artist and graphic designer | SEO specialist

I am here for people who need a professional website. Why wordpress? Because WordPress Is 99 % SEO friendly, more than 25% websites in the word are created by wordpress, WordPress is more than a blog publishing platform. It has a lot of versatility and gives you full flexibility to create any type of website. And I am wordpress expert! I can create almost every website you need. If I do not know something, I have a small group of great people who will help me. I am graphic designer as well. So I can provide you full visual identity with great website for your brand and company or for your personal blog. Let's do it! :)


My hobbies are: reading books, travel, swiming, drawing and typography (calligraphy). I am full time graphic designer and wordpress developer.

My big partner

High Five studio, s.r.o. marketing studio

Myr High5 Partner - Comprehensive Online Marketing Services on the Internet.