Our Team

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We are a small group of talented people

We really love our work. That's why we're good at it. Every day we are improving our skills, watching trends, learning and trying new things, because we want to give our customers great value.

We really enjoy working very close with our customers.

It's very important to achieve exactly what you need for your business. Our happy little team is here for you. We want you to say at the end of the project, wow it was an amazing experience.

Please, meet our team:

Dusan Misjak

Art Director | Brand Designer | Founder of PHI-ONE

This is our "dad" and Art Director. He takes care of everything, communicates with customers and heads each project. This is our excellent Graphic Designer, CEO and great friend.


I love adventure and I do not like boring life. So I work a lot, travel, read books, and wear hats. :) My passion is drawing and creating new things.

Andrej Dubrava

Web | WordPress Developer | Web Designer and UX Specialist

Our big team member. He is a great web developer and web designer. Andrej often working late into the night. Thanks to him, we can handle even the biggest projects. Loves pizza and nature. :)


Never give up!

Janka Duranova

Manager | Artist | Photographer

bio and photo soon

Our big partner

High Five studio, s.r.o. marketing studio

Our High5 Partner - Comprehensive Online Marketing Services on the Internet.

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